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Animal Shelter Escape 2

After escaping the animal shelter you try to take a short cut home through the Fair Grounds. Unfortunately you are caught by an animal trainer that wants to put you in a dog show. Escape from the Fair to continue your journey home.

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  1. evilishies says:

    Enemies have always died off the top of the screen i1tead of turning into sta1 in Multi-Man Mode. In Brawl however, every 25th character was a ‘regular’ enemy that could turn into a star in place of a Polygon fighter that could not. Since here in Smash 4 every character you fight in this mode is technically a ‘regular’ enemy, it makes se1e they would make the rules apply to all types of characte1.

  2. Sloane83 says:

    Thanks, I was wondering about that, too.

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