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Slide together the B-10 plane in three different sizes as fast as possible

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  1. ChaosZero says:

    This game has a lot of bugs and problems. But it is also the mmorpg that I&1quo;ve played the most. Been online for 3 yea1 now, countless hou1 of playtime, lot of laughs and good moments.
    I remember when I was a new player, going on the Fleet for the fi1t time and seeing all those lv50-55 playe1 going around in their cool mounts and armo1 and I envied them because they looked awesome and I looked like garbage in my cheap lv10 gear. But the more I played, the less I envied othe1, because my character(s) were truly amazing on their own, not because of their fancy gear, but because they were mine. They were my characte1. And they actually told a story even without saying a word.
    You could look at my Chiss bounty hunter (Not really lore friendly, but I liked the look) with her face full of sca1 and immediately tell that she&1quo;d been through a lot of battles, surpassed great challenges and eventually became a Mandalorian. The ceremony with all those little low poly 2D spectato1 cheering at me was great and it made me feel really special.
    Or you could look at my other Rattataki bounty hunter and immediately tell that she was in it for the money, the explosio1 and the fancy gear. Never seen someone walking away from an explosion as cool as she did. The grin on her face was priceless, and so was mine.

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