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Penelope Dress Up

Acting isn’t an easy job and being a fashion diva isn’t for everybody but Penelope Cruz seems to combine her two passions just great. The gorgeous actress just released her new movie and it was a big hit at the box office and all the critics also loved her performance. It came no surprise to anybody when she was nominated for an award. She knows she has the talent to win it but she feels a little insecure about her outfit. That’s the reason she hired you to be her personal fashion advisor and help her get ready for the award ceremony. She is a free spirit that loves classy outfits and likes wearing them on every occasion. It’s your job to dress up Penelope in the best looking outfit you can find and make sure she looks perfect. Try on different types of clothes and dresses until you find the right match that will put her on the front page of every tabloid and fashion magazine. With your help she is a sure winner!

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  1. Fatkid98 says:

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  2. "john is dumb" is dumb says:

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    – Most CoD game1 don&1quo;t know any other games besides CoD, GTA and BF
    – Dying of starvation is not by choice
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