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Acool Pool Qualifying

Acool Pool Game,15 colour balls for you to pot,competing with top players in the world.Who can get the highest scores during 3 minutes?Coming to challenge!

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  1. jollyroger9 says:

    Hey Steve,nThe valuation/numbe1 are way off. Let’s assume Disney acquires Nintendo at N’s 52-week high (generous). It would “cost” Disney $10bn ($17bn market cap less ~$7bn in cash. The net revenue multiples you are quoting are for high growth, high margin gaming companies (e.g., Supercell) not dying, low-margin hardware-focused companies (Nintendo). Also, this would be an all-stock tra1action or a mix of cash and stock with D going to the debt markets for additional funding if needed.nWith that being said, the numbe1 really don’t matter here. Nintendo’s current management would have to relinquish control and they will never allow that to happen. Unfortunately, just because a deal makes complete se1e doesn’t mean it will happen. Hoping I am wrong 🙂

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