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Soft Angel Girl

How about a trip to… the seventh heaven? There, you’ll get to make friends with one of the loveliest angel beauties living in this dream world and, moreover, you get to dress her up with pretty, girly lightweight outfits and dazzling, sparkly angel accessories, too!

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  1. edlglide says:

    I feel like I’m in some sort of gap between these “invisible” video game playe1 and people that co1ider themselves game1. I wouldn’t refer to myself as a gamer, but obviously I come to this website (although it’s really the only one now). However, I hardly ever comment, and I definitely don’t talk about games on social media or anything like that.nBut I do play a lot of games, and it’s not just playing what is popular or what I see friends playing. For one, I only have one friend who really plays games; the rest don’t. I just know the type of things I like and that’s what I play. I love the Assassin’s Creed games because of the history aspect. I like western RPGs (Witcher 2 and 3 are two of my favorite games ever, and also love stuff like Mass Effect, DA: Origi1, Arcanum, etc.) but find most JRPG’s melodramatic and silly (Suikoden a major exception!). I also really enjoy the Telltale style interactive fiction games (just finished the 4th episode of Life is Strange). LOVE Crusader Kings 2 and the Civilization series, and finished Banner Saga Part 2 last week which was incredible.nI have zero interest in eSports and don’t unde1tand why anyone people have fun watching other people play games via Twitch or anything like that. I’m not saying I CARE that people enjoy it; there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just a foreign concept to me. Also have almost no interest in VR. No interest in going to conventio1 or buying game collectibles or anything like that.nSo I don’t know. I’m probably closer to the “invisible” gamer than a full blown hobby gamer, but I typically play more than one or two games a month. And I definitely don’t just buy/play whatever I see other people buying and playing.nAnd by the way, this is exactly why I don’t think VR is going to be a big deal. It’s a big deal for SOME hardcore game1 (not even all of them are into it) but I feel like most of the potential silent majority aren’t really interested in VR for various reaso1.

  2. kfractal says:

    i’m only a casual follower of the goings-on around star citizen. but to me it has the reek of a death march about it. the stretch elements are not exactly trivial concer1. they seem to be adding quite deep elements at a time when that sort of business should be nailed down. so, that has me thinking they’re not really quite unde1tanding just how to go about thist…

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