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Sue’s Apple Chess

Sue is interested in Apple Chess. She wants to find an opponent. Today she ask Rio to play with her. The one who turns the whole board into one color wins the game. Let’s play!

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  1. Bmumphrey says:

    I actually made an account to reply to this post specifically. What you’re asking for as far as something of a model for success in the “indie” side of the industry is a little contradictory. Really, the idea of what an indie is a lot of times is some one with very little to no resources and/or no backing from a big publisher to develop and release their game to the masses. This isn’t a perfect criteria, but is fairly common among indie develope1. In game development, even now with all the available free engines and cheap assets, there is a lot of risk because of the fact that so much of your time is spent developing. Many companies or teams find other sources of income from freelance jobs etc, but this takes away precious time needed for development, and could lead to the downfall of your game due to missing deadlines and or the pefect launch date. There’s a lot more to it than most endevou1, and because these are projects that need a lot of time and effort to develop it’s hard for small teams to work on them while making enough money to stay afloat. nThere really is not definite way of success, not in indie and even in big buisness really with to1 of funds. Even the big boys can fall if they don’t hit the mark right. There’s always risk involved when creating a product, and the smaller and less funded your team is, the more risk you take in making somthing original with out any backing. That really goes for all buisness, but more so for indepent creato1 of products.

  2. FNj says:

    I want to play Prismata because it seems like an interesting and original concept.

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