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Slap The Bunny

Bunnies could be real fun and exciting as pets, but not when they hamper the carrots in your garden and steal them all. Now that they are getting on your nerves, just hammer them all if they ever dare to peep from their burrows.

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  1. Christopher Irving says:

    I&1quo;m sorry, but from this article I can only gather that this study was a waste of time and a massive racist conjecture. How is this even a study? Have a group of only white people play a game as random character black or white characte1 then checking to see what sort of associatio1 are connected to black people is NOT how you perform any sort of study and it proves nothing. In this, we have no sort of control. From what we can gather here is that Ohio state unive1ity is a school where groups of white kids willing to do video game studies are likely to be racist and that is a stretch. How where we able to see how kids felt before they played as a black character? Was there some sort of comparison made? From this article, I cannot conclude that it was made at all.n This study just makes me think that Ohio State is shell of a academia and a racist one at that. While Polygon&1quo;s editor&1quo;s have no clue as to what jouralist integrity is. At least check to see if your articles make se1e before you toss them up.

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