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Super Dramatic Flash Mini-Golf RPG

Command Hiro the Mini Golf Ball as he journeys across the land, battling the Dark Wizard Xerox’s minions, in an effort to save his Mini Golf Ball girlfriend.

Face Orcs, Genies, Trolls, and more in Mini Golf style battle.  Level up and learn new abilities in three skill paths.  Defeat your enemies under par in 15 levels across 3 worlds as Hiro’s heart-breaking, life-affirming story unfolds in voiced cutscenes.

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  1. DEM0 says:

    as for the teso i think buy 2 play model is always better than free to play model. this is because there are a lot of free 2 play games and most of them you can&1quo;t play if you don&1quo;t pay money because you will bet too much restrictio1. for me buy 2 play models are a lot better because when you buy the game you already pay the money and you get almost everything and you can play with minimal or no restrictio1 at all.. guild wa1 2 is a buy 2 play and it has no restrictio1 and you get everything. i like that kind of model. how ever teso will be buy 2 play and also have subscriptio1. i think it is better than pay 2 play and better than free 2 play so maybe teso will hit the golden middle.. i hope we will see that in the futre

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