Abonny Chase

Posted by Admin On July - 31 - 2016

Abonny is on a mission to kill wolf gang that escape from jail. Chase, run and shoot them on 3 different mission when you can unlock dozen of weapons and compete for highest score.
Game by http://www.aeriplay.com


  1. DarkMaurots says:

    guys i think this key is a key of game, and i no see is a key for item, i give you my key ZNAHP-VLPM5-D62QE

  2. UserWithNoName says:

    A curator page, even.

  3. *facepalm* says:

    All i got from that was: I have overly high standards and nothing will satisfy me… weh weh weh~
    S1ly… I can pass over the bit with the “4th edition rules” because i don&1quo;t know that much about dungeo1 and drago1 to give an inference about it. But seriously… “limited and very bad customization”? Most mmorpgs barely have any. Hell… I&1quo;m thankful if an mmo at least has a hair option. Complaining about graphics sounds childish and in my point of view the second to last thing I care about and it&1quo;s gameplay is just fine, much better than playing a point and click game… As for whether or not the game should be a DnD game or not, is a pointless comment, Seeing that as far as i know DnD was 5% rules, 5% lore and 90% imagination so people&1quo;s mileage varied.
    Enough with the elitist bs plz? It&1quo;s disgusting…

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