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Shopping With Mom Dress Up

The fall is gradually caming. The weather slowly becomes cold. Major shopping malls are filled with moms who need to buy new autumn clothes. Today the mother wants to take her lovely daughter to go shopping, but first please help the mother dress up before leaving. Come and help her!

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  1. _3TEN30 _ says:

    YES BRO!!!

  2. deitiphobia says:

    Why does this article make it sound like supporting several different resolutio1 and hardware levels is hard? Especially when it will be just two levels! Two! One…Two!!!nPC games have done this for yea1. Ultra, High, Medium and Low settings for graphics. Resolution adjustments all the way from 4k down to 640×480! The industry is already doing this. It is not hard. In fact aiming for two specific hardware models will make things easier not harder. Then things can be maxed out and benchmarked for those two setups.nThis is great news. It mea1 that everything I buy today for Xbox One also works on my PC, and presumably I will already be able to game at higher resolutio1 on my PC today with the same games! And what ever VR rig comes will also be compatible with Windows as that is the new norm for Microsoft.nMicrosoft is going to have a leg up on exclusives because now game develope1 have Xbox and Windows platform all rolled into one! Seriously…why buy a Playstation when your games won’t work on a PC. This is a huge….huge shift for co1oles and gaming.nLiterally a game changer

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