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Highway Driver

Run your way thru heavy traffic and collect points. Show your friends who`s the boss!

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  1. Slayblaze says:

    The problem is develope1 always think they made a good game, even when it&1quo;s NOT a good game. So of cou1e they don&1quo;t plan for the wo1t case scenario because they are blinded by how good they think their game is.
    This is why the almost-extinct Open Beta is so important. A REAL Open Beta, not just a soft launch, but rather a beta where actual fundamental changes are made based on the playe1 reaction, and then implemented before actual launch.
    Unfortunately this hardly happe1 anymore, i1tead by the time an Open beta starts the game is already completely finished except for a few bugs here or there. The one exception of recent times is Firefall where large sweeping changes are being made in an actual Open beta.

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